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0-9 weeks

Your puppy's start

Things to look for in a breeder's
puppy raising program


The power, is in the buyers hands!  
It is your choice to support a reputable breeder, or a "backyard breeder".
BYB supply and demand is in your hands! 
Why it matters:
The temperament and health of your puppy! - effects its whole life.    

Look for:
•Health Tested parents
•Solid  Temperaments of parents
•Proper puppy  up-bringing(puppy raising program)
•Contracts, stating they will take the dog back if needed

Pay more now, for a great puppy....
           or pay more later for medical and training issues.....your choice.

Choosing Your Puppy

What breed is best for your family and lifestyle?
  • Have you done your Research for breeds?
  • What is you're training skill level?
  • Do you travel a lot?  
  • Are you active or a home body?
  • Live in an apartment or have a large yard?
  • What is your time commitment everyday to your new puppy?

Breeder or Shelter?
Either way is rewarding.  Shelter dogs are great fun and can be great dogs, as long as you understand going into it that he/she may have behavioral issues or medical issues that are unknown.
When choosing a shelter puppy/dog get as much info as you can, spend time with the pup and really think about if the size and breed guesses are a match for your family. 

Going to a breeder: Shop around, do your homework.. not breeders all are created equal
The breed club will list breeders in your area, contact them and ask questions, most will have an application process and wait list!

Are The puppy's parents on site? The sire may not live on site. Are they friendly, happy, in good health? If not, walk away.

Have the parents been health tested?
Hips, eyes, heart; all clear? Has Genetic testing been done and clear result? Be sure to Ask! It's your right!

Are the puppies in the house? Or out in a garage or barn?
If you are looking for a house pet, puppies should be raised under foot in a home environment.

Is the puppy pen clean and full of great activities?

Are the puppies scared or outgoing, do the puppies look healthy?

Choosing a puppy by looks only, is a dangerous gamble!
Puppies should be matched by the breeder, by personalities to the families lifestyles.

Craigslist and Facebook Ads - just beware
If they are posting puppies for sale - that means they bred without a wait list, may be looking for a quick dollar,  probably didn't do any health testing and the puppies are probably only getting minimum care. This may not be the case, but usually is. And often means you will get a cheap pup, but pay for it later with health care and expensive training, or even give it to a shelter because it just didn't work out. Try not to support back yard breeders.

This is a long term investment; make the best choice for your family.

What happens while your puppy is still at the breeders is important and could make life long impacts!    
So do your research and ask questions.

Your Puppy and Her first Weeks of Life

ENS-Early Neurological Stimulation
Done during first 16 days old

imroved cario performance
stronger hearbeats
stronger adrenal glands
more tolerance to stress
greater resistance to disease

I highly recommend this puppy raising program.


0-9 weeks old

Puppies raised with a program like Puppy Culture with:​​​​
starting at 3wks

Studies show this enrichment trinity:
  • Larger brains
  • More neuro connections
  • Increased learning ability
  • Better retention
  • More stable
  • Less fearful
  • Better coping/recovery

  • Resource Guarding is natural for a dog but humans don't appreciate it,  with this program its addressed early and re conditioned!

  • Building positive Emotional responses to stimuli

  • Startle/Teaching recovery; life long skill

  • Exposure to noises and items

  • Daily Handing of all body parts

  • Learning & Problem Solving in addition to social interaction and toy variety
=more stable dogs, better learning capabilities and memory skills
Dealing  with frustration now at this age, reduces aggression later
  • Learning to offer behaviors:
Dogs communicate thru behaviors, you can tailor those behaviors

  • Follow me and leash intro

  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training​

Your puppy goes home with skills!
How nice is that!? Now your journey into puppyhood, is made so much easier.

Critical Imprint Period is

So your puppies first weeks at the breeder is vital,.
Then you have to pick up where the breeder leaves
off and do the best you can for your puppy!

Apitude Test


Done by someone the puppies do not know and in a new environment

Typically done at
7-9weeks old

Results are a moment captured in time.  That moment.   That is all.

It's a test for all the breeders hard work, a quiz.  

BUT it gives puppy raisers an opportunity to work on anything that may need
strengthening before the puppies go home. 


  • Social Interaction
  • Following
  • Restraint
  • Social Dominance
  • Elevation Dominance
  • Retrieving
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Sound Sensitivity
  • Sight Sensitivity
  • Stability
  • Structure
A responsible breeder will start making puppy assignments between 7-9weeks of age.
The breeder will match the puppy's personality to the families approved.
This is a great way to help families receive the right fit. A sporty family will want the hyper outgoing puppy, the older couple may want a more laid back puppy. 

I would be hesitant to pick a puppy only a few days old, by color only.

Puppies should be vaccinated at 6-8weeks of age - and are safe to go home one week after the first vaccination.

Around 8weeks old - puppies can experience a fear period,
and therefore waiting until 9wks of age is ideal to send home.

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